Tracy Lee

Co-Founder, This Dot, Inc.

Tracy is a speaker, writer, and serial entrepreneur passionate about JavaScript and new technologies. After the acquisition of her last startup, she learned how to code and spends her time as a junior developer these days. Tracy spends her time building the JS community through her new startup, This Dot and runs the Modern Web podcast and events. She loves open source projects, pairing with friends, and empowering people to do awesome things. Tracy is also an organizer of ng-cruise and track chair for QCon.

You can find more at http://modern-web.org and http://thisdotmedia.com or follow her on Twitter @ladyleet.

My Sessions

Why beginners should train yourself to do reactive programming in your first months of learning. As a beginner, you don’t have a set way of programming, and adopting a declarative functional style will help you prepare for the future of reactive programming. Learn the importance of RxJS, simple implementation, and how to think reactively.

General Session