Tim Ehat

Technical Lead at Domo

Tim is the technical lead over performance at Domo. Focusing on the end-user experience first, he helps identify and troubleshoot issues down through the stack. His hobbies at work include telling people they’ve coded a memory leak, trying to prove he still knows how to lay things out in the world of flexbox, and finding XSS vectors in new code (he loves making elements spin with some annoying CSS animations). At home, he’s a dad to four little ones, who he tries to avoid hitting with his drone.

My Sessions

In versions prior to 1.6, Angular limited access to certain parts of JavaScript within Angular expressions. Starting with Angular 1.6, this sandbox has been removed. We will review what this sandbox did and did not do for you pre-1.6, and what you need to know to keep your code safe from exploitation.

General Session