Sumit Arora

Fullstack Developer

Sumit’s a full-stack web developer with extensive experience in building complex and scalable applications. He has expertise in process engineering and improvement, information architecture, software development best practices, and analysis. His major interest lies in data visualizations and analysis. He previously worked on Augury developing new features and components extensively. When he is not coding Angular, he usually plays around with applications making use of Scala, Spark, and Machine Learning. He is currently exploring the possibilities of using Machine Learning with feature toggle development using Angular2. Karma is the lead influence in his life.

My Sessions

This talk takes the audience on a journey from building a basic feature toggling infrastructure in Angular 2, to running simple A/B tests to support a build-measure-learn process, to personalized presentations based on human derived rules and, finally, to using machine learning algorithms to make conversion optimizing decisions. As well as providing insights into how […]