Sean Larkin

maintainer / UX Developer, webpack / Mutual Of Omaha

User Experience Developer @ Mutual of Omaha. Former technical support representative turned renegade software engineer and web developer, driven by the need to help people through the code he writes. 3.5 years now into the web world, Sean is a member of the Webpack core team, angular team and angular-cli core team, has held talks on Ruby, DAMP programming, AngularJS, and Webpack and lives to teach others about the world of Web Development. From Lincoln, Nebraska, loves to spend his time with his wife, newborn son, 18 chickens, dog, and gypsy cat. Obsessed with AngularJS, readability, Webpack, bundlers, tooling, and anything that helps Web Dev and Engineering easier and more enjoyable for anyone!

My Sessions

webpack is a JavaScript module bundler that has taken the world by storm. As a webpack maintainer, I set out to ensure that we provided great documentation for first-time users. However, there is still much to be written about tapping into some of webpack’s most powerful features: custom plugins. We will take a walk through […]