Raul Jimenez Herrando

CEO, Byte Default

Raul is a software engineer passionate about JS frameworks, web technologies and cross-platform development. Since 2012 he’s focused in Angular, HTML5 video and his open source project Videogular.

Raul works as a freelance front-end architect for companies around the world helping them to build high-performance web apps. In his spare time he’s usually involved in local meetups, writing blog posts, speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects.

He lives in Barcelona and is happy by default 🙂

My Sessions

In 1895 the Lumière brothers projected the first movie to an audience. It was a complete success even having projected only “animated photographies”. Was George Méliès who really performed the first movies and who started the cinematography. As JS developers, we can just play a video like the Lumière brothers did, or we can create […]