Pete Bacon Darwin

Pete is one of the earliest members of the Angular team. He has led development of AngularJS since the end of 2014, releasing Angular versions 1.4 through 1.6. He also wrote the Dgeni tool and is working on ngUpgdade. He has written a book on AngularJS, gives talks and workshops on Angular and is a co-organiser of AngularConnect.

My Sessions

In this workshop, we will cover how to successfully unit test your Angular 2 apps. We will look at common testing tasks and how to avoid the pitfalls when writing unit tests. Suitable for developers who: have a basic understanding of Angular 2 are looking to start or improve their unit testing You will learn […]


You want to move on to the new Angular and leave your old AngularJS days behind but are not yet ready to give up all those carefully crafted components (sorry, directives) and services and your beloved filterFilter? You realize it would be good for you, but a complete rewrite in Angular makes you feel weak […]

General Session