Kito Mann

Principal Consultant, Virtua, Inc.

Kito D. Mann is the Principal Consultant at Virtua, Inc. (http://virtua.tech), specializing in enterprise application architecture, training, development, and mentoring with JavaServer Faces, HTML5 Web Components, Polymer, portlets, Liferay, and Java EE technologies. He is also the editor-in-chief of JSFCentral.com (www.jsfcentral.com), co-host of the Enterprise Java Newscast (http://www.enterprisejavanews.com), and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including CDI, JSF and Portlets) and is also an internationally recognized speaker. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

My Sessions

PrimeNG is the Angular 2 sibling of the mighty PrimeFaces, the most popular component suite for building web applications in Java. PrimeNG brings dozens of battle-tested, mature, and beautiful open-source UI components to the cutting edge world of Angular2. Come to this session to learn more about PrimeNG and see how you can begin using […]