Jeff Cross

Co-founder @nrwl_io

Jeff Cross is co-founder of nrwl.io, providing Angular consulting to ambitious teams. Jeff was previously Tech Lead of the Angular Mobile team at Google. In his free time, Jeff hacks on various musical and electronics projects with his wife and three sons in Mountain View, California.

My Sessions

In this workshop, attendees will learn all the ins and outs of getting an Angular 2 application out to production, including bundling and packaging, leveraging Ahead of Time Compiling, lazy loading and eager lazy loading, splitting code up into modules, and other related items.


Let’s bring application developers, open source maintainers, and angular core contributors together to talk about tools, techniques, and habits that are working for others. We’ll also discuss common challenges we all have as application developers striving to build high-performance applications, and figure out what we can work on as a community to improve the state […]


Angular has made server-side-rendering a first class citizen of the framework in Angular 4.x. So should everyone start pre-rendering all of their applications? What are the trade-offs of pre-rendering? What is a pre-rendering? Who is Angular? Jeff Cross, former Angular core team member at Google and now co-founder at nrwl.io, will answer some of these […]

General Session