Doguhan Uluca

JavaScript Specialty Lead, Excella Consulting

Doguhan is the JavaScript Specialty Lead for Excella Consulting. He is focused on JavaScript best practices and building cloud scale applications. He has published npm packages, open source projects and given talks on local meetups, local and national conferences, like Nova Code Camp and Code Stock. Doguhan is the founder of the 1400 strong Tech Talk DC meetup (http://techtalkdc.com) and publishes the JavaScript Promise newsletter (http://thejavascriptpromise.com). He likes playing Go, enjoys exploring speakeasies and traveling.

My Sessions

JavaScript moves at the light of speed. Moving that fast may burn you, hard! Focusing on minimal tooling, and fewer frameworks will allow you to become an expert by going deeper, rather than stretching yourself too thin while achieving better results. I’ll talk about why Angular 2, npm and TypeScript are the right technologies to […]

General Session