Asim Hussain

Director, CodeCraft

Asim is a technologist, writer and educator with over 16 years experience working for clients like the European Space Agency and Google.

He’s built robots to do knee surgery, made sure satellites don’t hit the moon, built super low latency trading engines as well as epically scalable web applications.

Most recently he’s taught over 50,000 students Advanced JavaScript together with Angular 1 & 2 development through his site http://codecraft.tv.

My Sessions

According to builtwith.com over 400,000 Angular 1 apps have been created and released into the wild. Moving to Angular 2 is a daunting prospect. It’s only just been released so there isn’t a large body of knowledge on how best to do this. Most content online talks about how to migrate from 1 to 2 […]

Fairday General Session