Anna Karpacheva

Business Quality Analyst, Rangle.io

Anna is passionate about data, visualization and Big Data technologies. She likes to make sense of data flow, user experiences and the outcomes useful for business development. Her creativity and methodological approach makes projects alive, interesting & fast moving.

When she is not busy working on various projects, she plays tennis, sails or travels. She also can been seen in Agile and Big Data meetups in Toronto, Canada.

Prior to Rangle Anna was involved in Big Data Project for Wealth Management in one of the largest bank in Canada and was a member of Oracle/Eloqua Business Intelligence team

My Sessions

This talk takes the audience on a journey from building a basic feature toggling infrastructure in Angular 2, to running simple A/B tests to support a build-measure-learn process, to personalized presentations based on human derived rules and, finally, to using machine learning algorithms to make conversion optimizing decisions. As well as providing insights into how […]